All Things Gadgetal Christmas 2010 Gift Suggestions


1.     Tire Changing Video from Best Rest Products  $20 - This is a very helpful DVD which can aid in teaching the tire changing process.  It’s most helpful for those who need to be prepared to change their tires away from the shop.


2.     Bike Turn Table:  $195 – For those with difficult driveways or parking areas, this product will ease the process of turning your motorcycle around.  It’s rated for motorcycles up to the size of Gold Wings.


3.     Conscipuity Lighting (photon blasters & P3):  $149.99 & $169.99 respectively – These unique lights help provide greater visibility of your motorcycle by other drivers.  There’s a built in “flicker” that catches the peripheral vision of the other driver, but when they are stared at, they become solid.


4.     Waterproof Digital Camera:  Canon-PowerShot-D10 (Amazon & others) Taking photographs from a motorcycle add additional challenges.  A waterproof camera helps solve the “rain” issue.


5.     Lense Cleaning System: $19.95 – I’ve found this to be the best solution for keeping my helmet shield cleaned.  It’s got great packaging that makes it easy to keep in one’s trunk or tankbag ready for use.


6.     Polar Bear Cooler:  $29.95 for the six pack size. - This is the best small cooler that I’ve found.  It will keep ice for 24 hours in 100 degree heat and 200 degree hot for several hours.  It folds flat for easy storage when not in use.


7.     LDComfort Helmet Liner  $16 – Keep your head cool with this nifty helmet liner that’s constructed of the same materials as the highly regarded LDComfort riding gear.


8.     Heads up GPS:  $399 for the basic version. – While this product has been developed for snowboarders & skiers, I can forsee the application in the motorcycle environment


9.     3 Way Socket & Allen Wrench:  One example  About $10 -  These handy 3 way tools have the most common sizes of allen or socket sizes for working on your motorcycle.  I carry one of each on my bike.

10.                        SPOT:  $99 for the Tracker (Version 1); $169.99 for the GPS Messenger (V2); $550 for the Communicator – Delorme PN-60W.  V1 has great battery life; V2 has a more powerful sending unit and the functionality of sending redundant messages (duplicates are deleted automatically at the receiving end); The communicator adds the ability to send text messages (a fee is charged).  All of the devices require a $49.99/year tracking.  SPOT is simply a device that all motorcyclists should strongly consider using.   I also strongly recommend that one use the free tracking/report service found at



Bonus Items:


1.     Tire Pressure Gauge:  Digital or Analog  $1 & up - These are widely available at any auto parts store plus virtually all convenience stores or “big box” stores.  This is a must have item.

2.     Rok Straps (,, and others) $4.50 & up. - These are the definitive answer for a device to hold items on your motorcycle. 

3.     Butler Maps ( and others) $14.95 & up -  These excellent maps were created by motorcyclists for motorcyclists.  They are printed on waterproof & tear-proof paper and contain a number of suggested rides.  In addition to the current line of maps for UT, ID, MT, WY, & Southern CA, there is a single Rocky Mountains version.